1. You need to supply the top, backing and batting (optional) for your quilt. Ask for details if you are out

    of the area and need to mail your quilt to me.

2. Quilts are quilted in the condition they are received. If your quilt has more than 3 inches

    difference in measurement from top to bottom, or side by side I may not be able to quilt it.

3. Please mark the top of your quilt top, and the top of the backing, if applicable.

4. Your quilt should be pressed (seams flat), free of dangly threads and pet hair. If the top and/or back

    are pieced to the edge there needs to be a stitched line at approx. 1/8th of an inch in to prevent

    unraveling of seams.

5. Your quilt top should lay flat. Tops (especially borders) that do not lay flat can cause puckering &

    tucks :-(

6. The batting and backing you provide should be 3-4" larger on each side than the top.

7. Fabrics used should be quality, 100% cotton.

8. Choose quality batting. I recommend Quilters Dream cotton, Dream-Poly, or wool. I can provide cotton

    batt if desired.

9. I do not do T-shirt quilts, or those that contain minky. Also quilts that have multiple layers of fusing.

10. I do not make or attach binding or sleeves.

11. Pricing: My pricing begins at $.02 per square inch and goes up depending on complexity,

      density, and how many colors of thread that are used. I can give you an estimate if desired depending

      on what you want me to do. I charge $1.00 per bobbin of thread used, and sales tax of 8.5%

      My minimum is $65 unless it is unusually small, ask for details. If your quilt has issues that must be

      addressed (border problems, pet hair, wacky back, etc.) it may affect the finished price.

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