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Here you will find Wearable Art, other quilt projects, travel shots....a collection of miscellaneous photos for your viewing pleasure!

My first wearable art project, made in 1979.

A group I have been a member of since 1998, "Friends To Dye for". We are still together, being creative however we can! The list of what we have made in our gatherings is almost endless. Photo on the left: 2000, photo on the right: 2021.

On the left, my polymer clay discs ready to be made into earrings and buttons, like the ones you see on the right. Definitely another addiction of mine ;-)

More recent makings...on the left Heidi Emmett's "Cozy" pattern, made from a Kantha cloth piece. On the right, a costume for me to wear at the Children's Festival, a Renaissance Faire for children.  I volunteered at a booth where kids decorated tunics to wear.

Me, standing next to my RBG quilt

A beautiful floor I shot in Israel while teaching there, January 2020.  It reminded me of a quilt :-)

A mural by Diego Rivera, in the Detroit Institute of Arts. That is only one section of the mural, it wrapped around this enormous space.

I was very fortunate to get into a Yayoi Kusama installation in Toronto, Canada, at the Art Gallery of Ontario

A photo of Chuck Close with one of his paintings, the inspiration for my Material Matrix technique.

One of my favorite re-created photos: on the left, 1999, on the right, 2018, in my studio. My son, Matteo, was a good sport to pose for this re-creation.

Blue-violet is my favorite color, which I used to make this quilt, "Blue-Violet Hand", for an exhibit for SAQA called "Prism". About 75 quilts line the walls in a prism configuration, very stunning in its variety and scope!


A serendipitous photo taken by a student, November 2023. She caught that same expression nicely!